Kids Corner

We believe it is important to start early toward good oral health. We like to see children around the age of 3.

Our team will try to make this first visit for your child enjoyable and positive. During this appointment, your child will see the dental hygienist for a professional cleaning and the dentist for an exam. We will also do a fluoride treatment at the end of the appointment.

Things that may be discussed during this appointment include brushing techniques, flossing, fluoride, healthy snacks, and dietary considerations. You will also be able to discuss any concerns with the doctor.

To prepare your child for this visit you may want to find a book to read to them before arriving. A few examples include, “Dora, Show me your Smile” by Nick Jr, “Elmo Visits the Dentist” by Sesame Street, and “Going to the Dentist” by Usborne. Also, please refrain from using words that may cause fear, such as needle, drill, or hurt. Try describing the appointment using pleasant, non frightening words.